Cheaphostingservice’s email packages have all the features of the best modern email accounts. Our business email services can be completely managed for you. We are the best business email account providers.

Best Professional Email Accounts Service for Business

1)You have already purchased your domain somewhere and just need to create new email accounts.

2)You want Business email accounts so that your business looks more professional. A looks more professional than

3)You want your complete email system being setup for you ready to use and want it to be maintained for you.

Our business email accounts are

Easy to use.

Our email accounts can be configured with the email client of your choice(most email clients are supported but if you have a doubt please ask.).Alternatively we also provide a easy to use Webmail interface.

Value for Money

Completely managed for you.

Can be integrated with your Gmail account Or your mobile phone email accounts.

Our emails can be viewed on mobile phones such as Apple iPhone, Android (all vendors), Windows Mobile (all vendors), Windows Phone and Nokia. For advanced users:

The entire email architecture and infrastructure is fully integrated, maintained and managed by

This service is suitable for you if
You own your email addresses
Email Address with my Own Domain Name

We register the domain in your name and it remains yours as long as you renew the registration. You can always transfer the domain and email addresses to another webhost if you so wish,but our efforts will always be to have you onboard as a happy customer.

No Email Storage Limits
Unlimited Email Storage Hosting

We do not put a limit on how many emails you can store on the email server.The only limit on how many messages you can store at a time on the web space, consists of the hosting package you have chosen. Even our smallest hosting provides space for a very large amount of mail.

Email Packages
Emails Per Email Space Total Space Price
1 email 500 MB 500MB 750INR
Upto 3 emails 333MB/500MB 1GB 1350 INR
1email 5GB email space 5 GB space 1950INR
5 emails 1000MB email space 5 GB space 2100INR
10 emails 500MB email space 5 GB space 2500INR
25 emails 2GB email space 50 GB space 3100INR
50 emails 1GB email space 50 GB space 4000INR